Since the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari after the 2015 elections as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Nigerians may not have come to terms with the current state of affairs the country has plunged into.

Though some might argue against the fact that during the era of President Jonathan, some would say there was a time of peace and albeit prosperity.

One would’ve thought that after winning the elections the Apc government would come to terms with its mandate to serve the people by bringing about the much needed peace, stability and progress of the region.

Like every beautiful dream the nightmare of any democratically elected President is the force of a vibrant opposition especially when elections are near.

In this fact the job of any opposition is to ensure that the governing body headed by the President is held accountable and responsible for every action which resonates with the state of the economy.

One must however look to the administration of President Buhari and decipher what has he been doing for the past 2-3 years? What is he doing even now in the face of challenges which seek to destroy the Nation’s peace and security.

The opposition however should not be left out in this query. To be honest the main opposition party the PDP has been virtually dead for the past two years after losing the elections to the APC. Having ruled Nigeria for 16 good years in office, some would say that the PDP had acquired a not too pleasant image especially as they lost an incumbency advantage.

Most Nigerians have lost hope during this current years of the Buhari government which has been described as a dispensation of lies, propaganda, media trials, hate, divisive speeches and actions, nepotism not to list the few which Nigerians have witnessed to a large degree as never seen in its post colonial history.

While others would agree with me that after the downfall of the PDP, we not only witnessed a massive scale of political defection based on sentiment  and self interests but also the attempt by every former politicial office holder to avoid prosecution.

Sad to say Now 2019 elections are around the corner, without credible candidates,  there’s the need which begs the question on everyone’s lips, “who will win 2019 elections in Nigeria?”

Would it be the Military cum Civilian President General who has brought about an untold hardship felt by all and sundry or would it be a man of questionable character whose only attempts is based on soughting out vain glory in the hopes that he fufill his ambitions of tasting a power whose price has to be paid in full.

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