Selling Profitable Hair Products Online and Offline

Hair, hair, hair.

#Haironfleek #Haironfire #Hairon and all the whole hair hashtags you might’ve probably come across on Instagram, facebook and other social networks.

Yeah what can I say, Hair  or hair extensions cannot be definitely over-emphasized.

Funny enough on a subconscious level, almost every woman thinks of her hair as her lifeblood, her source of strength, power, sexiness and confidence.

Whether Asian, American, African or European. Both Females and Males alike generally treat their hair with so much love and pampering it’s hard not to appreciate the effort.


Did you know that their are trillions of hair products which cater for trillions of people cutting across social and financial background?

While most people might believe that a struggling student might not afford to pay N100,000 for a Brazilian or Peruvian Weavon, you’d often be surprised that, that’s often not the case. Women are ready to spend on that hair. So for real listen up.

I may have mentioned in my other post that starting a profitable business must have three things: an effort, a solution to a problem and what I always like to call ‘soft work’.

Soft work is the direct opposite of hardwork.

Softwork simply means making money so easy, without the stress and hassles of hard labour & at your own comfort and convenience with a proven system.

Now back to where I was.


Did you know that hair products are so easy to import from overseas stores like China, India and Korea at a relatively cheap prices? Examples of proven sites to ship from are… among a hosts of other sites. All you need to do is google them up.

I have a lot of relatives who make a ton in selling hair products but funny enough they do not maximize the potential because of their limited knowledge of how online advertising works.

That’s why I’m here to teach you and show you the secret schemes and methods to marketing your hair products to a larger audience.


Did you know that before marketing  hair products you need to understand the choices of hair products to buy in other to satisfy your chosen customers?

Some hair products are specially designed to meet the needs of the different hair textures possessed by different races.

Hair Products range from array of choices like Shampoos, weavons, wigs, conditioners, leave-in-conditioner, hair dyes, hair treatment creams, hair treatment locker creams for dreads, hair oils, hair pins, hair hand dryers, hair straighteners…

I mean the choices are vast and unquantifiable because new hair products come out everyday. I remember the first set of people in Nigeria who were the then distributors of the hair product ‘dark and lovely’ – they made so much money selling it in their retail stores they ended up being wholesalers and dealers.

You could be the next big thing by selling something as simple as hair products online and offline. Like I said earlier, almost everyone is just conscious of wanting to have a nice, clean and sweet scented hair or hair extension.

Almost everyone loves and appreciates a good hair product. So start selling one today.

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