Pope Francis, the venerated is currently trending. This time it seems he is in agreement with the dogged and albeit loathed Donald Trump on the quality of news and media propagated throughout the world.

Did you know that the Pope whose accent to the Vatican which was once shrouded by uncertainty and a conspiracy theory that he would be the next Anti-Christ or a herald of the next Anti Christ has called on the media to exercise restraint in their spread of news and information.

Although I’d like to Point out that the Pope has warned in his statement against the temptation of fake news, the Pope has also drawn a parallel between media journalism and the biblical tale of Adam, Eve, the Snake and the forbidden truth.

In a relatively modern sense, the Pope is actually naive, in dishing out a statement he has no authority nor genuine insight over.

While Pope Francis defined fake news as “disinformation” which has been one of the most chlldish banterings of Donald J. Trump, he has failed to provide detailed analysis of which news he considers to be bogus.

If you’ve been reading my blog you’d be up to date with the recent stance of individuals trying to control and manipulate information as of late i.e. Mark Zuckerberg, Donald Trump and now Pope Francis himself.

Its a pity that Pope Francis has resolved to cheap monologues in describing what he called “the need to unmask the ‘snake-tactics’ used by those who disguise themselves in order to strike,

I mean is it not laughable that these individuals who are not generally satisfied by the way media scrutinizes them end up classifying the media as Devils or Satan’s vessel?

A simple look at Francis’ statements below shows how he has decided to play the emotions of his clergy against constructive media and journalism –

“The tempter approaches the woman by pretending to be her friend, concerned only for her welfare, and begins by saying something only partly true,” Francis wrote. ” ‘Did God really say you were not to eat from any of the trees in the garden?’ ”

“God never told Adam not to eat from any tree, but only from the one tree.”

Eve tries to correct the serpent, and in doing so, falls for his trap. It’s a bit like when you argue with a Facebook troll and get sucked into a long comment thread, eventually saying things you never meant to.

“Of the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden, God said, ‘You must not eat it nor touch it, under pain of death,’ ” Eve tells the serpent, very specifically.

“Her answer is couched in legalistic and negative terms,” Francis wrote, “After listening to the deceiver and letting herself be taken in by his version of the facts, the woman is misled. So she heeds his words of reassurance: ‘You will not die!’ ”

And then, like with a chain email, Eve shares the serpent’s news with Adam, who turns out to be just as gullible. And while they don’t die when they eat the fruit, they do get the human race kicked out of paradise forever.

That’s how fake news worked back in Genesis, Francis wrote, and it’s not much different and no less dangerous in the internet age.

So, he asked, “How can we recognise fake news?” –  A.k.a. The Serpents

Introspectively one may begin to wonder with clarity if a Pope like Francis would’ve loved to bring about the Dark Ages where the only people who controlled information which is true power were the Vatican themselves.

It is not and will never be the Pope’s duty to classify and implore an advanced society like ours on which news to believe and which news to disregard because the truth always speaks for itself.

It seems there is a gradual new world order conspiracy in line towards a more controlled media at a time like ours.

Only time can unravel the truth.

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