Did you know that even the rocks returned to Earth by the Apollo missions have failed to answer the many puzzles of the moon?

Still today, it remains the controversial satellite, which has been the source of myth and legend since prehistoric man looked at it and wondered.

The Moon is Earth’s closest companion in its endless journey round the sun.

The distance between the Earth and the moon is 239,000 miles and it takes about 27.3 days for the moon to complete a full revolution round the Earth.

The moon’s revolution round the Earth is also exactly the same time it takes to spin once on its own axis.

This means that the moon remains at a standstill in relation to the Earth’s movement so that it always presents the same face on Earth.

Did you know that it was once thought that the moon was part of the earth, and that it broke away to leave a huge hole now filled by the Pacific Ocean?

This theory has long since been discounted by mathematical calculations which show that the size of the moon and the volume of the Pacific do not correspond.

Probably, the moon and earth were born about the same time – about 4700 million years ago, and they evolved from the same accumulation of dust and gases carried in the solar winds of the sun.

Specimens and observations of the moon have shown that the moon itself contains particles from the sun embedded in the form of gases and these gases may provide the vital key to how the sun works and how long it will sustain life on Earth.

The moon is much more complicated than Science had expected especially when it performs rare and grand changes by its own volition on a celestial scale.

Although there are different phases of the moon which are popular and could appear at different times, the most rare of them all is the – Super blue blood moon

What is a Blue Moon?

You might be wondering if it literally means that the moon might actually become blue in colour?

Well, the moon isn’t and doesn’t become blue, however a blue moon is the common name for the second full moon in a single month

It’s simply a rare occurence which happens throughout a calendar year. It usually occurs once but in this instance of the year 2018, it’s slated to appear twice.

What then is a Super Moon?

A Super moon is none other than the point when the moon reaches its closest distance to the earth in its orbit. It is also known as Perigee and in this instance the moon appears  to up to 15 percent brighter and larger than usual.

How about the Blood Moon?

Even though the name blood moon has been popularized by the vampire sucking “Underworld” Movie Franchise.

The blood moon is nothing more than a lunar eclipse where according to NASA, some sunlight still reaches the moon, but it goes through earth’s atmosphere while the atmosphere in turn filters out most of the sun’s blue light creating a red look.     – Talk about Vampires coming to life…

Blood Moon

The moon’s phases are so magnificent and absolutely rare especially when the three phenomena are combined to form the Super blue blood moon also known as the Trifecta.

Earliest historical records of this event puts this happenings at March 31, 1866 the period in which Andrew Johnson was the President of the United States of America.

Unfortunately, only a small area of the United States will have ideal viewing conditions to see the Super Blue Blood Moon. NASA reports that the west coast, Alaska, and Hawaii will have the best chance to view the Super Blue Blood Moon.

If you’re outside the United States and in the Middle East, Asia, eastern Russia, Australia or New Zealand, you’ll be able to view the Super Blue Blood Moon later in the morning

The Super blue blood moon could be an omen to some, a blessing to others, a calling to werewolves, vampires or creatures of the night or maybe even a prophecy.

One thing is certain, understanding the nature of the moon is much more complex than current science can explain, only moon dancers are close enough to tell us what the moon changes truly mean.



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