Recently, the speaker of the House of Representatives gave a lambasting note towards his own party and the opposition on their lack of political principles.

Even though Yakubu Dogara, current speaker of the House of Reps of Nigeria might be a man of few words,  words aren’t enough to deter the current pace Nigeria is sloping towards today.

It is quite unfortunate to know that, the people we consider ruling us in both the so called hallowed chambers and executive office are not driven by any ideology, any objective, any mission not to even talk more of a vision for themselves, their family and this country.

If you think I’m lying just listen to the statement of a Sitting Speaker of the House of Representatives, he says and I quote “Nigeria’s political parties, including the ruling APC, the main opposition PDP and others are weak, unstable, lacking functional party apparatus, and also suffering from low organizational capacity and internal democracy.”

This message doesn’t just go on to classify the cluelessness and confusion within the ruling Apc government itself, it shows how low and classically stupefying they take Nigerians to be.

Is Hon. Yakubu Dogara not a member of the Apc? Is he living in self denial of the fact that his party has failed every test of integrity, goodwill, and governance at all levels?

Another factor of disappointment we Nigerians are to contend with is the fact that his chief whip who goes on to represent him delivers an outstanding speech of loonycracy by defining bad governance outside themselves, as a group of people or political parties who in an attempt to either capture or hold on to power, sometimes embellished their manifestos with unrealistic promises which amounted to malpractice.

I mean God Almighty, has Nigeria gone this deep in self denial and abject stupidity of the obvious.

I believe these same House of Representatives and Lawmakers in an attempt to save face and probably image in the next upcoming elections are trying all their possible best to distance themselves from their own cataclysmic government.

I mean take a look at the moment all these politicians are trying so hard to justify themselves before the people.

2019 is around the corner now and everyone seems to be running helter-skelter, not to mention our former President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo whose scathing letter drew the applause of the weak minded.

Obasanjo like Yakubu Dogara is also among the people who put us in this mess we find ourselves today.

The economy of Nigeria especially in the unemployment sector is so devastating you’d have to be blind not to see a jobless graduate shuffling to and fro looking for a palm penny job everyday.

We know the Apc rode on propaganda, we know the Apc rode on the winds of attacking the loopholes of PDP’s policies, we know the Apc are so immature and will probably never grow up to take responsibility for their own actions & government.

We expected heaven from the APC but instead we’re seeing hell.

In a sane society, a President like Buhari should have been impeached and charged with gross negligence of his duties as the number one commander in chief of a nation.

But alas Nigeria is not a sane society.

Instead we view them everyday on television organising dinner parties and jesting at dry humourless jokes that add nothing of value to this nation.

Yakubu Dogara should speak for himself and not for otger political parties along with every other dim witted Politician who seem to condone the brazzeness and impunity of one man and his lackey security agencies.

It falls on the youth, both me and you to rise up and take charge of this nation. To get rid of baggages from out past. Baggages like Buhari, Obasanjo, El-rufai can never bring us to daylight.

Everyday I listen to senate and national assembly hearings and all they talk about is “reform this,  unbundle that” while choosing to either purposely ignore or approach the purpose at hand, for lack of the balls and guts.

I’m disappointed in this government and you should be too.

Apc was never a change for the better rather it was a change for disaster because when a Captain has no steering wheel, the ship will be definitely lost at sea.

If you believe APC is doing great then you must be also lost at sea.

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