The question in the title is even laughable if as a learned person you do choose to think about it introspectively.

I mean seriously, we Nigerians should begin to see huge cracks in our beliefs, social attitude and political system of government.

For real, why is the Nigerian Senate rejoicing over the Supreme Court judgement on their legal and constitutional authority to approve or reject any head(s) of Public Civil Service and Agencies which it created by its own delegated authority?

In primary schools, we were taught that there were three arms of government with clearly defined roles – the Legislative, the Executive and the Judiciary. The Legislative in summary had the power to make laws, the executive – the power to execute laws while the Judiciary – had the ultimate power to interprete laws however it saw fit.

This three arms was the pinnacle principle on which the Nigerian government was built. Each arm knew its function, each arm knew its jurisdiction and each arm knew its requirement for due governance.

Under the law of the 1999 constitution, the Legislature representing the complete ethnic diversity of the Federal Republic of Nigeria had and still has the power to reject or approve any Head of Federal Government Agencies and Civil Servant parastatals.

The recent judgement by the Federal High Court which the Nigerian senate has called for so much jubilation is just worrisome and pathetic.

Take the words of a Senate spokesman like, Sabi Abdullahi who says, “The Senate has been vindicated on the rejection of the appointment of Mr. Ibrahim Magu as Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and who had announced that a Federal High Court had ruled that the upper chamber of the National Assembly had the powers to confirm or reject his appointment.

This just shows you how the Executive Arm of Government has arm-twisted the Nigerian Senate, its duties, morals and clearly defined status of government.

I mean, is this is not a clear violation of constitutional authority by the executive arm of government?

Should someone not be held responsible for brazzeness and an attempt to malign the constituted order of government?

Is Magu the only Security Personnel in the whole population of Nigeria containing millions of citizens who can handle the reins of a financial crimes commission?

Does the executive arm of government have a predisposed plan with Magu to attack its perceived threats in the interest of self preservation and political interests?

Is the executive arm of government now above the constitution, above the law?

Where is Nigeria seriously heading to?

When a Senate represented by multiple persons with different interests and motives reject a single individual based on an issue of national security and importance, does it become the duty of the executive to impose the said individual on the Nigerian Senate and on all Nigerians?

Gradual steps like these, lead down a dead path.

Draconian governments don’t just pop up in a day or two, history tells us such systems start with brazzen desecration of constitution and constituted authority.

Even after the Federal High Court judgement, it will be impertinent to know that the Executive will still continue to harbour a rejected & compromised Magu as the Head of a National Security Apparatus in contempt of both the Judiciary and Legislature.

From an objective point of view, the Nigerian Senate should not rejoice, this is matter of pure contempt and an envisaged attempt to defy a constitution which the other very arm of government is sworn to uphold.

It is not just a matter of placing embargoes on executive appointments and believing the executive will renege on its illegal stance, it’s a matter of showing the executives that this is an impeachable offence before the state.

If only the Nigerian Senate could wake up to the realization of its own real powers and authority, Nigeria would definitely not be in this state of anarchy.

It either seems this Senate is too ignorant, has chosen to deny its duties or is simply soft pedalling issues so as not to to be seen in open confrontation with the executives.

If any of the above is not true according to your conviction, then pray tell me, “why is the Nigerian Senate rejoicing over its own constituted authority?”

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