If you’re current with up to date information on the events surrounding our beloved country, you would know that the situation of things are quite importunate.

For sometime now, our All Progressive Congress led Federal Government recently created a Panel with the Vice President Yemi Osibanjo as its figure head..

If you were a typical Nigerian you would know that this government does nothing everyday apart from creating special panels upon special panels upon special enquiries upon special media trials with no tangible results whatsoever.

Just today, our so called Vice President Yemi Osibanjo whose inability to voice out the ills of his government not to talk more of even providing words of succour to the affected peoples of Fulani weapons wielding terrorists led the committee into negotiations with the terrorist staunchest supporters, the so called Miyetti Allah.

Quite disappointing is the fact that, the government who were quick to label a certain group of people as terrorists, people who only defended their civic rights without violence by seeking for a restructuring of government policies, did not deem it constitutionally and morally fit to declare an organization whose main aim is to kill, maim and destroy lives and property on behalf of their cattle as Terrorists.

Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria from an objective point of view are nothing more than a primitive cattle loving regressive community who boldly take responsibility on the actions of their harbinger of death Fulani terrorists.

From an objective point of view also, in a sane and orderly society, Miyetti Allah should be seen and treated as nothing other than terrorists but alas they are given support and backing by the Federal Government.

Not only are they given the required support to perpetrate and sponsor their genre of evil in the society, they -”the Miyetti Allah” are being called upon to meet with the Central government in negotiating what could even be termed a “lenient cease fire”.

Nigeria is really a joke of the 21st Century, as Reno Omokri puts it on his social twitter media account and I quote, “America’s greatest national security threat is a missile from N Korea. Europe’s greatest national security threat is a misfile from Russia. But Nigeria’s greatest national security threat in the 21st century are Fulani cattle rearers with AK47! Is Nigeria still in the Stone Age?”

One has to wonder what kind of forward thinking civilization in this era, in this 21st century, can be in support of an economy, where cattle are given preference over humans who are shed in cold blooded murder en-masse. 

The Vice President’s committee has already been launched on a faulty ground of nepotism and favouritism of terrorists whom he and his government have refused to declare as such.

Imagine the statement of Alhaji Abdul Aziz Yari, current governor of Zamfara state and also a member of the committee, “We are bringing some technocrats that will visit hotspots like Benue, Taraba, Adamawa and Zamfara which there is crisis so that we can interface with the Miyetti Allah and other groups to see how we can reduce this (killings) to the barest minimum.

I mean is that not just crazy enough to swallow, – “reduce killings to the barest minimum by the same people who you’re having a meeting with right now?” – Truly is Nigeria that lost?

If the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria cannot ensure and create an environment for the world’s best practices in ranching and cattle breeding from examples of countries like Holland, Denmark and others; then what is the need to entertain their frivolities?

Why does Nigeria deem it necessary to negotiate with these terrorists?

Haven’t they shed enough blood already? Who will pay for their sins? The Sins of the people they have killed? Who will account for the lives they have taken through their words, deeds and actions?

Will they believe that a whole nation will never forget the blood of the innocent?

For Osibanjo and his committee their is nothing to negotiate? The Law must take its course and Justice must prevail? But before Justice can prevail, we must identify the prime factors who must be held responsible.

And that starts with identifying which interests the Miyetti Allah Cattle breeders represent.


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