Any individual who cares to discover the truth knows that Mother Russia has one of the most supposedly stable and deadly arsenals on the entire planet.

This potent country is brewing with potentially eager fighters, waiting nuclear bombs, charged intercontinental ballistic missiles, secretly built warplanes, foot soldiers, historical antecedents in warfare, spies, secret agencies, detention camps… – just name it.

While a source like Wikipedia puts Russia’s tentative weapons of mass destruction at 7,300 total nuclear warheads, of which 4,500 are strategically operational and an arsenal of 39,967 tons of chemical weapons, this hasn’t stopped other countries and its even more surprisingly daring terrorists from taking pot-shots at Russia.

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Sometime ago, we could all remember Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan who didn’t hesitate to annihilate Vladimir Putin’s Russian plane presence over his airspace, – I mean that guy’s got huge guts.

That one move had cost a diplomatic row between the two countries and  some of us were really aware of the matchstick that could’ve potentially struck a fire for World War 3. – Anyways that didn’t happen like our Apocalyptic visions would’ve wanted it to.

President Erdogan’s move must’ve given the courage to Syrian rebels in the long run, as they certainly did not hesitate to relinquish carnage on a Russian plane fighter jet named “Sukhoi – 25″ with a man-portable anti aircraft bazooka also known as a shoulder launched surface-to-air missile.

russian plane down

Recent clips online from the crash site show the wiped out russian plane while the information passed across by both Russian and British Observatory for human rights tell us that the Pilot had managed to eject from the aircraft but later died in a fight with the Al-Qaeda terrorists.

Trust Russia not to tolerate this affront, they in turn had decided to return the favour with a salvo of cruise missiles from their naval vessels in the Mediterranean, onto the rebel holds of Idlib in Syria. .

One question remains as to who or where this Syrian rebels receive their funding?

In the recent past, it was quite a general speculation with the scandalous Clinton leaks that President Barack Obama was behind the funding of these same Syrian rebels in a failed attempt to overthrow the Syrian President Al-Assad.

This was as due to Al-Assad’s stockpile testing of nuclear weapons and gross violation of human rights in the use of chemical weapons to subjugate and kill his own citizens.

Since that didn’t work out the way it was supposed to, the rebels turned terrorist continue to create a tense and even more audacious move to establish themselves as a counter government in the Middle East. 

What happens when these rebels or Russia is being tempted to provide Al Assad with even more than enough Nuclear Weapons to retaliate with?

Since America is seemingly withdrawing into the background of World Politics by its own myopic leaders idealism of “America first – focus only”, what would be the fate of World when Nuclear retributions happen?






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