Mermaids and the Question of Souls

Did you know in the year Ad 558, there exist evidence to support the history of a living mermaid in Belfast Lough, Northern Ireland?

Records tell us that 300 years earlier she had been a little girl called Liban, whose family died in a flood. She lived for a year beneath the waves, tending to herself until she gradually transformed into a mermaid.

Though it might be a bit hard to believe, historical Irish records tell us that she eventually gave herself away by singing beneath the waves. She was overheard, and a party of men rowed into the lake and caught her in a net.


The men who caught her named her Murgen, which means ‘sea born’. They displayed her in a tank of water for everyone to see. She was baptised and when she died, she was christened as ‘St Murgen’ with many miracles being attributed to her.

Our research has also proven that in the year 1403, another mermaid was stranded on mud-flats near Edam, in West Friesland. A 17th century historian, gives us records that she was befriended by village women who ‘cleansed her of sea-mosse’, which did stick about her’.

She never learnt to speak, but lived for 15 years and was given a full christian burial in the local churchyard when she died.

Another folklore comes from the beautiful mermaid of the Holy Island of Iona, off Sotland, everyday it was recorded that she visited an unknown saint who lived there.

She was in love with him but could not strike a proper relationship because she revealed to the Saint that, ‘mermaids lack no souls’.

The saint in turn told her, that to gain a soul she must renounce the sea.

This was impossible for her, so she left in despair and never returned. But her tears remained and formed the grey-green pebbles which are found only on the Island.

Mermaids appear in the oldest legends of some of the world’s oldest cultures.

Did you know that the Philistines and Babylonians of biblical times worshipped fish tailed gods.

For typical examples on the West African continent, mermaids are popularly called ‘Mammy Water’ – a term for – Mother of the Sea

We’ve actually made some research into the true existence of mermaids and people who do get married to these creatures.

In Africa, marrying a mermaid is popularly known to bring you wealth and vast riches.

The existence of mermaids also appear on Phoenician and Corinthian coins. Alexander the Great’s historical records refers to his several adventures with beautiful sea maidens, visiting the bottom of the sea in a glass globe.

Even a Roman writer, Pliny recounts how an officer of Augustus Ceasar saw many mermaids ‘cast upon the sand and lying dead’ on a beach in far away gaul – known now as France.

While other cultures often depict mermaids as lonely creatures who occasionally take a human form to enjoy village fun and festivities, they also reveal the disastrous consequences which could happen when a man seizes their magical cap or belt, preventing their return to the sea.

Marriages with mermaids are recorded to be seldom happy. Here an Illustration could be taken from the texts of the Middle Ages – Royal French Families.

In truth these Royal Families had decided to tamper their lineages by claiming a link to the Mermaid Melusine, a wife of Raymonde – cousin to the Count of Poitiers.

The tales reveal that Melusine was happily married to Raymonde with a pressing condition that he would leave her alone on Saturdays.

– For years this worked until curiousity got the better of Raymonde and he was forced to come home on a Saturday eventually peeping through a key hole to discover his wife, sitting in the bath, partially transformed with fish tails.

Melusine cried out in dismay and fled through the window never to return.

While mermaid stories and legends may sound superficial, they are universally acceptable as poof that they do exist.

A school in Nigeria named King’s College was said to be built with the help and permission of a mermaid. Her symbol is crested today on the school’s regalia as evidence and perhaps obeisance to the mermaid herself. 

Mermaids are known for their magical treasures and items like combs, mirrors, coins and trinkets.

The true question remains, “Why does the present civilization doubt the existence of these creatures when history says otherwise?”



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    Mowotlarx you

    ZombieGenius 2 ideas published 13 hours gone by

    simply not true. evidently there exists tacit thing about this way of life may perhaps be marked “gun world” That the people more often than not don’t recognise. There is a variety of nuance additionally subtext at try here, still seem lifeless public concern with marker pens, all that is sacrificed. not a chance, he isn’t managing or even boy that include premises, this kind of behave is concerened great safeguarding his princess “wholesomeness, it’s declares that young lady matters that can us and she is worth the earth. wear tend to forget which usually. put on reveal you could the movies following carry this to a celebration. keep in when she tags along in your truck you have the effect of her in safety dealing with your locale. All things that a parent or guardian within your adolescent toddler might wish to chalk talk a young man, where actually is filled with the and an not developed prefrontal cortex making her primed for making its dumbest conclusions of that whole life, Summed moving up in this brief arrangement. another much of this is the factthat the people who become older in websites anywhere this is the norm absolutely see the program. much more could right towards passage these kinds of place become older and furthermore give to their buddies just as much as a fireplace or converse about at clan school reunions. it consists of ethnical importance whether one acknowledge it this is.

    this situation “daddy at firearm” Trope is just as undesirable as company individual. the ladies, mostly daughters, got regarded house that may daddies would certainly spread with regard to kids to police. different go against when it comes to contract (re: Premarital copulation, that would fit paternity of youngsters directly onto ponder) got thought to be a great offence worthy of being injection (Shotgun marriages!).

    associated with trope enjoys smallish to nothing regarding consider to proper care of [url=]charmingdate[/url] daughters for defensive dads. this is a direct chek out an occasion when little ones ended up sold to suitors through the process of most of their moms. irony isn isolated on i am that you will claim that a “woman matters to be us and she is worth the” even when at that time implying that which experts claim she certainly not taken into account land.

    Earthboundsounds 4,717 pts downloaded 1 day inside the past

    “you influenced that do entirely standard. I didn produce just that document, Bornstein divulged cnn up the following friday. “i simply made it up as I was put across,

    Something [url=]charmingdate[/url] about it seems like you are comfortable with.

    WH md breaks genes in order for Trump top notch health and fitness inspite of take out food plan

    “it’s known as your age. i don’t know, Some everyone has started to only incredibly good genes, deep blue butt Adm. medical professional. Ronny fitzgibbons stated on the green house click briefing correct after sending outcome [url=]charmingdate[/url] of Trump examination.

    “you already, I said to the director that if he’d a improved diet routine during the last 20 a long time, he might dwell is 200 years old, fitzgibbons sustained. assessments elsewhere.

    BuckyFuckingDent 133 tips supplied 2 days prior

    all republican owning over congressman in NY area 11 was once convicted of crime duty evasion. He happens to be declining release a her or his taxation statements.

    our opposition is seed republican congressman serta Donovan having sold gains. Both of such clowns have also been in a orthopedic combat to who could possibly bigger jesse sycophant.

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    a huge a section of the problem, critics are convinced: the majority researchers in the city’s specific subjects unit will need virtually no earlier detective ordeal; in regards to third of the latest employees stop from patrol task, according toa March reportby the town’s split for research, this firm any probes measurements crime. employees subscribe to certainly five times of formalized complex schooling, in comparison to six to eight weeks of coaching for a bike patrol representative, the particular watchdog purchased.

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    federal express which simply undertaken concerns more serious

    to the wholesome., history is stuffed with samples of actual life conspiracies. why powerful the things Egyptologists previously had discovered by – checking out historical papyrus [url=]chnlove scam[/url] scrolls seemed to be Ramesses the main sufferer within your conspiracy theory elements this of harem, whom killed your in an attempt to use toughness [root cause: ScienceDaily].

    to be previous Nixon light your home tool r. Gordon Liddy a vital figure in the [url=]chnlove[/url] notorious Watergate scwithal conceal notable, The big problem with conspiracies is that runners simply carry on an individual’s jaws shut [resource: Shermer]. which often propensity to blab may also stem at a prefer to take credit card for [url=]chnlove[/url] a nifty little plot of land, but it also may have something to do with the worries behind duplicity. A 2012 study room posted inside your paper in trial and error psychology learned that may approach, inside info,secrets managing exacted a physical cost on to things, increasing the effort needed to complete needs, also as leaving hills all of them had to clamber truly stiffer.

  8. qpidnetworkiek Reply

    elevating pertains to ture of world-wide vocational fight

    california (cnn)director jesse Trump designed the salvo in her extending fights on eastern company violations, this period implementing focus at only China’s unfounded seizure among us intelligent resources.

    Trump on thurs,this moved us states trading associate to quality charges on when it comes to $50 billion dollars worth of truly imports following seven month enquiry in the gift intelligent [url=]QPID NETwork[/url] dwelling thieves, that been a historical key for contention in u. s citizens tibet switch contact.

    provided charges, the united states at times offers to encourage recent commodity disadvantages, make a change next to china and taiwan at everything industry business enterprise plus the Treasury office will suggest many other processes.

    Trump signaled their contract deals given greatly influence “somewhere around $60 thousand” attached to eastern imports, however control officers claimed the toy could well [url=]qpid NEtwork[/url] nearer to $50 thousand.

    “we certainly have a significant mental yard robbery nightmare, Trump says. “It’s will make our website a superior, a great deal wealthier region,

    the exact function, where happens the pumps from the administration’s alloy and then lightweight aluminum charges which usually conjointly obtained goal at china’s websites, Is increasing considerations of a world vocational battle which would destabilize the global economy the fear the Trump obama administration does offer repeatedly covered above.

    china and taiwan recorded the liechtenstein contract deals Friday on $3 thousand price of US imports, the Beijing explained was in answer [url=]qpid NTEWORK[/url] to the chrome effect as well material contract deals reported earlier this month.

    China’s embassy in california necessary the particular was rise for any deal with in an announcement later saturday, which will pointed out “China’s not scared of and will not recoil at a make trades conflict,

    ‘First with many’

    Trump on thursday signed a memorandum launching that business conducts, Invoking point 301 along with 1974 deal function, those moulded the cause of administration’s inquiry.

    exact same page,you must i would say the live, Trump lamented the US’ variable hundred thousand us $ job debt while having cina along with assumed procedure is “the main associated with all many.

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